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It is very kind of you to support this site with a donation. By clicking on the donate-button here above you reach the Paypal page. There you can either pay using Paypal, in case you are having an account there, or you can use your creditcard to make a donation.

It wasn't that simple to give you an indication about how much to donate for the consultation of the Yijing, the Book of Changes. Although the internet is a very rich source for information on many aspects of this book of wisdom, it turned out difficult to find reliable information concerning the donation customs in Chinese temples where the Yijing can be consulted. But in most cases only smaller amounts of money are donated. Something like one dollar per divination. But feel free to give any amount you like to contribute to this website.
I case you like to relate your donation to the amount of questions you ask, it is advised that you send some money after you have consulted multiple times, due to the handling costs for the Yijing Foundation.

The Yijing Foundation is truly thankful for the support you are giving, in order to keep this website online.

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