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Cookie and Privacy Policy
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Cookie and Privacy Policy

Cookie and Privacy Policy


About this website - disclaimer
This website is a service of the Yijing Foundation. We aim to update these web pages regularly. Nevertheless, mistakes or omissions can not be ruled out. We are not liable for damages resulting from the viewing of these web pages or the links mentioned there.

Limitation of liability
The materials offered on the website are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to correctness or completeness. These materials can change at any time without prior notification from the Yijing Foundation.

Privacy - general
Because we attach a lot of value to privacy, the system is designed in such a way that only you can see your questions and answers. At the Yijing often very personal questions are asked, which nobody else has anything to do with. If you are a member of the site and have an account, your questions and answers will be saved so that only you can read them. That posed challenges to the safeguarding of your privacy and we succeeded well. As we store your password encrypted, we have also found a way to guarantee your privacy for the saved questions.
In addition, we guarantee that we never share your personal information with anyone or anything else. It is very important that you know yourself safe and secure when you are on this site.

Privacy - cookies
The site uses four types of cookies: cookies to anonymously follow the visitor's behavior, cookies to pass information from page to page within the site, a cookie to allow the login for account holders and cookies from the advertisement.
The log files of the website keep rudimentary information through Google Analytics and Cyso, such as all called files with date, time, browser and IP address. This information can never be retraced to one user. The information is only intended to see how the visitors move through the site. It provides useful information to improve the site.
In addition, temporary cookies are used in which data are stored per session or visit. These will be automatically removed from your browser within about 24 minutes of your visit.
By taking an account you also give permission to place and read a cookie that makes a secure login possible. This cookie does not contain personal data or passwords. This cookie is deleted if you use the logout function in the menu. You will then have to log in again for a next visit to re-enable the account.
Finally, the advertisements can place or read cookies on www.yijing.website. These cookies are used for information exchange through amazon.com.

You can block the use of cookies or the passing of your information to all websites in your browser. Use the setting 'Do not track' (Internet Explorer), 'Do not follow' (Firefox) or 'Request non-tracking of your browser traffic' (Chrome). Unfortunately, there are other websites that ignore this setting. You can therefore disable the use of the cookies on this site in your browser, but that will affect the functionality of the website. For example, the question posed to the Yijing on the answer page will not be visible.

Detailed information about data protection rules can be found on ec.europa.eu, as we comply the European regulation for Cookie and Privacy Policy.

All intellectual property rights relating to the digital functioning of the site belong to the Yijing Foundation. Copying, distribution and any other use of these materials is not permitted without the written permission of the Yijing Foundation, except and only to the extent otherwise provided in regulations of mandatory law (such as the right to quote). It is not allowed to include web pages or individual elements (such as images, videos or interactive applications) from this website in a frameset or via an inline link in another webpage, if or when there is confusion about the origin of the material.

It is possible to advertise on www.yijing.website. When exposure or exclusivity is required, direct advertising on www.yijing.website can be realized. Direct advertising is possible starting from $250 per month, excl. VAT. Contact us for options.

www.yijing.website and the associated websites are an initiative of the Yijing Foundation.

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